Aidfile Recovery

Aidfile Recovery software is a powerful data recovery tool for recovering files from deleted/ formatted/ repartition/ missing drives/ partition table damaged etc. It supports EXFAT/ FAT32/ NTFS file systems.
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Provide a portable version!

Michael H., 29.03.2011, 15:16
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Have portable version starting from scratch from usbstick or cd after system crash.

Normal user has one computer which sometimes crash. Then he need a toot which can start without system to save data on partitions.
Zdzislaw A. Kaleta, 29.03.2011, 16:26
55 votes Vote

1) Scanning results should be as the prog is working. This would help decide when to stop if a desired file has been recovered. 2) Enable minimizing of the programme once the scanning has started. We all know how much RAM is released by minimizing an

KenyanPhoenix, 29.03.2011, 18:14
39 votes Vote

I understand this is a windows file recovery tool, but the best way to recover data, is when the hard drive is not in use. Therefore I suggest a live cd version of this. On this live cd should also be a partitioning tool that can be used place the re

Brandon, 29.03.2011, 21:35
27 votes Vote

Add support for EXT2, EXT3, and EXT4 file systems.

EXT2/3/4 are incredibly popular unix filesystems which also work in windows. there are no patents involved with these, so it cant hurt to add them.
joesmith, 29.03.2011, 21:16
3 votes Vote

program by it's nature needs to be portable - if program is installed & HD crashes, you can't use it to recover anything

Giveing program for 1 time install gives false sense of securtity, and not a good way to evaluate program. Thanks for the offer though.
rtdtnx, 29.03.2011, 20:38
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Support exFAT

I use exFAT on all my Non system partitions, External drives, & Flash cards. Support for those file structures would be a plus.
Gizmo x64, 30.03.2011, 00:40
1 vote Vote

have a portable copy as well. This is useless if it is loaded onto the computer that crashed--as my main unit did not long ago. Still have only a portion of the data lost.

Kay Nony, 30.03.2011, 04:36
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Provide smooth scrolling while in viewing the recovered file

While reviewing the scanned files it would be much better to have smooth scrolling rather than the requiring constant clicking on the scroll bar to advance the file. Display a file name instead of numbers so scanned files can be selected without...
Walt, 30.03.2011, 14:17